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How to Pick Your Furniture

Tips on Where to Start

This week we received a lovely message from our Instagram community, asking for tips on where to start when choosing outdoor furniture.

When we start planning our outdoor spaces, we often start from one place – the style of our furniture. We generally already know whether we prefer the look of classic rattan or contemporary aluminium. However, following a few fundamentals will help you pick the right function of furniture for you and make sure that the space you create will work as you need, throughout the year, and season after season.

The 3Ps

By planning with PURPOSE, PEOPLE and PLACE in mind, you can ensure you pick the right furniture, for all the right reasons. Consider our 3Ps before you settle on your set.


PLACE is about really considering the space you have, both in terms of the setting and how much area you want to set aside for furniture. Weighing up the setting before anything else, will help you determine whether you’d think a more traditional or modern set would best suit your garden style. Do you have stonework or a walled garden that you’d like to complement with a textured weave. Or will your set sit on wooden decking, so perhaps a linear profile would feel more fitting. Whilst there are no “rules”, some styles sit more easily withing certain settings, and can help give you a little steer.

Measure your space. And not just to find the maximum size you can fit in. It’s important to understand the total area of living space. What size of set will fit well but give enough room for you and your guests to relax in, as well as allowing people to move freely around the area. Would a corner sofa perfectly align with the wall, or would an elliptical set give you the best balance? Be careful not to over or underwhelm a patio area or terrace. A smaller set can look lost and out of place on a larger hard standing area, whilst a larger sofa set can dominate if there’s not enough space left around it. You will find dimensions for each sets in their respective descriptions and you’ll be able to make sure you choose the right size for your needs.


There are three main functions of outdoor furniture: dining, living, and lounging. Dining, as it suggests, focuses on mealtimes and moments of entertaining with food. Living is an extension of your space, an outdoor lounge, or bonus room. And lounging is all about relaxation. Prioritise the usage that works best for your lifestyle or find a set which has multiple uses for different occasions. A casual dining set, for example, may come with an adjustable table that will allow you to both dine more formally at full height and and then lower for you to relax on the sofa for a drink.


Lastly, PEOPLE. If you host regularly you may wish to think about the number of people who will join you and make sure there is sufficient seating. Alternatively, you may decide a smaller set suits you every day needs. If your garden is primarily where you enjoy a cup of afternoon tea or your morning coffee, a bistro set might be the right choice for you.

Likewise, your garden may be your solo sanctuary. A classic bench nestled between trees, away from the hum of traffic, is ideal if you're seeking real solace and quiet. If you have a larger family, or enjoy entertaining groups on a regular basis, generous sofa sets will make them feel welcome, especially if there’s an integrated firepit to keep them warm, late into the evening.

Once you have qualified these things, there are two more steps we’d like you to consider.

See for Yourself

It can be hard to imagine colours, materials and finishes without seeing them for yourself. Maybe you would like to test the cushion comfort, touch the fabrics, or feel the quality of the frame. In this case, we have over 300 stockists in the UK. Our Find the Stockist page will allow you to locate your nearest retailer and filter by ranges.

Speak to Support

If the range you like is an online exclusive, our customer support team will be more than happy to help find you a location you can visit to see similar styles, allowing you to view the colours, fabrics and shapes closet to your favourite. You can email them here or chat to them online between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Their knowledge is extensive, so they’ll be able to guide you on any additional questions you have or help you with your 3Ps.