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Bramblecrest Portofino Aluminium 2 Seater Sofa Set with Coffee Table, Plants and Books

Help & FAQs

Do you have a question for us?

See below for answers to our most frequently asked questions whether you are a new or existing Bramblecrest customer.


What is the guarantee for my Bramblecrest products?

Bramblecrest offers either a 3 or a 1 year structural manufacturer’s guarantee subject to terms and conditions. Customers must register their purchase online, within 28 days of delivery to validate this guarantee here. View the terms and conditions of our guarantee here.

We are interested in buying a Bramblecrest product which our nearest Bramblecrest retailer does not have in stock. What can we do?

Our Find a Stockist function lists all the Bramblecrest retailers in your area and the product ranges that they sell.

Where do I find my nearest Bramblecrest retailer?

Please visit our “Find a Stockist” page.

I have a query/problem with my Bramblecrest furniture what should I do?

Should you have any queries or problems with your furniture your first point of contact should be the retailer from whom you purchased the product. If you ordered the furniture from our online shop, please email or use the Live Chat function on our website.

Do you provide spare fixing kits for your furniture?

Yes – please contact the retailer from whom you originally purchased your furniture so that they can place an order on your behalf. Alternatively, they are also available from our online shop. 

Can I purchase individual items from your furniture range?

Generally, our products are all sold as sets. However, we do stock certain individual items. Please email your request into

Where can I get assembly instructions for our Bramblecrest garden furniture?

All assembly instructions are included within the furniture packaging. Alternatively, please email or use the Live Chat function on our website.

Delivery and Returns

Where will I find your Delivery and Returns policy?

Delivery Policy and Returns Policy

What is your delivery policy outside mainland UK?

Standard delivery is free on all items delivered to mainland UK. For deliveries to Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, Isles of Scilly, Isle of Man, Scottish Islands or Channel Islands please call us on 01285 760974. We do not deliver outside of the UK.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Accessory Items: Delivery within 3 - 5 Working Days
Parasols & Bases - Delivery within 3 – 5 Working Days
Furniture Sets - Delivery within 7 – 10 Working Days
Glass & Ceramic Replacement Parts within 12 - 15 Working Days

We aim to deliver the goods you have ordered within the estimated timeframes, as displayed above, and subject to stock. 

On occasion, a delivery may arrive late, or it may not be possible to achieve delivery as stated. We do not accept liability for this if it is due to reasons beyond our control. 

Can I cancel an order?

Orders via Bramblecrest direct can be cancelled up until the point of 14 working days after delivery has been received (as per the Distance Selling Regulations). Any order cancelled after you have received item/s from us will require you to return the order to us in full, at your own cost. This may also incur a small, restocking fee.

Any cancellation must be made in writing by emailing

For any orders placed through a stockist, please contact them directly to enquire about their cancellation policy.


Can the glass table top be left outdoors all year?

Yes. All table top glass is toughened and tempered and able to withstand exposure to significant temperature variations. However, if there is a risk of anything falling onto the glass due to bad weather such as tree branches in high winds, it may be worth removing the glass from the table and storing inside.

Should I use coasters on my Bramblecrest rattan furniture?

We always recommend the use of coasters for plates, glasses and hot dishes on your Bramblecrest woven furniture. If plates or glasses are placed on the furniture without using coasters this may cause scratches to the glass surface. We advise that coasters and place mats are used with tables featuring Tree-Free tops. In certain conditions sunlight can be magnified via drinks glasses resulting in concentrated burn marks. 

How can I remove algae from my Bramblecrest rattan furniture?

Exposure to the elements particularly during the winter months can cause a build-up of surface dirt/mould which is easily removed with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Watch our video for further information.

Will the frame of Bramblecrest rattan products rust?

The frame on all Bramblecrest woven products (except cocoons) is a high-quality grade of tubular aluminium and will not rust. Cocoon Frames are made from steel for strength and steel can sometimes rust. In the event of rust, clean with warm water and scouring pad. Dry and apply Bramblecrest touch-up paint.

Will my rattan furniture rot or fade like natural rattan?

No. The Bramblecrest woven range retains the aesthetic qualities of rattan but does not deteriorate in the same way. It is constructed from extruded polyethylene and is colourfast, however prolonged exposure to UV rays may cause slight fading over time. 

Does Bramblecrest rattan furniture require assembly?

All Bramblecrest woven tables require assembly and come complete with assembly instructions. All chairs, sofas and loungers are fully assembled. With exception, our new Vogue chairs require basic assembly.  

My rattan furniture has become soft and has stretched/expanded is this normal?

In extreme heat, the weave can become soft and expand a little. However when left to cool, it will retract to its original position. This is perfectly normal and will not harm your furniture. 

The glass does not fit inside the recess of my table.

All our tables are hand crafted and the weave can get soft and expand in transit. We offer a glass insertion tool to assist in getting the glass inside the recess, so please email to request one. We also have a short video documenting how to use the tool.

Can I replace the glass on my table?

Yes. Bramblecrest replacement glass can be ordered. Please allow up to 16 weeks for replacement glass to arrive.

My ceramic table has cracked. Can I replace just the ceramic?

The ceramic is replaceable on our coffee tables. However, all other ceramic would require a replacement of the tabletop. Please contact for an accurate quotation. 

My ceramic table top has a stain. How do I get this out?

We would suggest the use of a proprietary household ceramic cleaner. Please always read the instructions carefully and apply a small amount to the underside or hidden area of any surface prior to a full application. 

What can I do if my Bramblecrest Lazy Susan has seized/stopped rotating?

We suggest the application of some lubricating spray, for example WD40, to the bearing between the two tracks beneath the Lazy Susan. Then gently ease the tracks from their fixed position. 

What is a ‘tree-free’ top?

Our tree-free tops are an alternative to natural wood. They are made from high impact polystyrene which is fully recyclable.

Can I replace the tree-free slats on my table?

Yes. You will need to contact your original supplier to request replacement parts. Please refer to our short ‘how to’ video.


How has the paint been applied to the aluminium furniture?

All Bramblecrest aluminium furniture has an electrostatically applied powder coating of paint which ensures a long-lasting rust-resistant paint finish.

Is the paint finish UV resistant? Will it fade?

As with all paint finishes through prolonged exposure to UV the paint will gradually fade.

Can I place hot dishes directly onto the aluminium surface?

We would advise the use of a place mat. Do not place hot dishes directly onto your aluminium furniture and ensure spillages are cleaned away quickly with a clean damp cloth.

Do you supply touch up paint for your products?

Yes. We supply touch up paint for Bramblecrest aluminium products. Please contact us either through the ‘Live Chat’ facility on our website or email

Should I cover my Bramblecrest aluminium furniture?

During prolonged periods of non-use, we recommend that you cover your aluminium furniture to protect it from general garden dirt.

How can I clean my Bramblecrest furniture?

Remove surface dirt using warm water or a hose and a non-abrasive scrubbing brush or sponge. We advise against using a jet spray as it may damage the powder coated finish.

Where can I purchase replacement feet for my aluminium furniture?

Replacement feet are available to purchase from our online shop.

Does Bramblecrest aluminium furniture require assembly?

All Bramblecrest aluminium tables, benches and loungers require assembly and come complete with assembly instructions. 

Will my aluminium furniture rust?

No. Aluminium is rust-resistant.

Is there a guarantee on the paint?

The paint on all Bramblecrest aluminium is covered by a one year guarantee.

Can we stack our Seville/Valencia chairs when not in use?

Yes – Seville and Valencia chairs stack for storage purposes. Please remove cushions on Valencia chairs before stacking.

How do I apply the spray touch up paint?

Touch-up paint for your furniture is available to buy on our website

When applying the paint, choose a warm dry day and ensure the surface to be touched-up is smooth, clean and dry.

Cover any areas that you do not want paint on and practice on piece of cardboard or wood first, so you can familiarise yourself with the range and quantity of the spray.

Concentrate the touch-up spray paint onto any exposed area of aluminium and build up the paint, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next until the affected area is no longer visible. To start the paint will look ‘shiny’, but after a period of a few months the paint will dull down to match the existing paintwork.

As always, please continue to cover the furniture when not in use to minimise fading and prevent damage from the elements.

I have an aluminium furniture set and live in a coastal environment. Is there anything I can do to increase the longevity of the set?

If any painted metal product is to be exposed to a coastal atmosphere for prolonged periods of time, we suggest that it is washed down with fresh water when not in use. Through the winter months we advise that after washing down it is dried off and a layer of WD40 is applied to provide a protective coating against the elements. The furniture should then be covered.


How do I clean my Bramblecrest Monte Carlo faux-leather furniture?

For light to moderate soiling, we suggest the use of Bramblecrest Outdoor Leather Cleaner, available from our online shop. View our video for further information:

For stubborn stains, dampen a soft white cloth with a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water. Carefully rub the solution onto the affected area and immediately rinse with a damp wet cloth to remove the bleach concentration. For more stubborn stains increase the concentration of bleach and repeat these steps.

Is my Bramblecrest Monte Carlo faux-leather furniture waterproof?

Faux-leather is water resistant; rainwater will run off the surface of the leather. We recommend occasional application of our Outdoor Leather Protector – available from our online shop to maintain the appearance of your faux-leather furniture. View our video for further information.

Should I cover my Monte Carlo faux-leather furniture?

To protect this product from general garden and atmospheric dirt, a cover is recommended during long periods of non-use. These are available from the retailer where you purchased your furniture or via our online shop.


Should I cover my teak bench during wintertime?

We do not recommend covering teak furniture, due to it being a natural product.

Should I cover my teak components during wintertime?

We advise storing teak components indoors during the winter months. In the event that teak is covered, Bramblecrest advise 
that a weekly visual check against mould and damp is carried out.

My teak furniture is splitting. Is this normal?

Teak will naturally develop splits as it dries out through the season, this will be particularly visible on the ends of parts such as arm rests and edges of tables. This is part of the natural weathering process.

How do I treat my Bramblecrest teak furniture?

You can let your teak furniture weather naturally to an elegant silvery grey colour. Alternatively, we recommend cleaning the furniture with hot soapy water or using Bramblecrest Teak Cleaner or giving the furniture a light sanding. When the product is completely dry apply Bramblecrest Teak Protector to maintain the original honey colour. Our teak care products are available to buy from our online shop.

Bramblecrest advise against the use of teak oil as it can make the furniture turn black, sticky and patchy in colour.

Why has my Bramblecrest teak furniture turned grey?

This is a natural weathering process for teak which is caused mainly through exposure to UV. This does not affect the strength or longevity of the product and is purely cosmetic. Bramblecrest Teak Protector can be applied to help prevent this process. Available to buy from our online shop.

Wasps keep eating my teak furniture. What can I do?

In rare cases wasps and other insects can be attracted to the natural oil in the wood. A light sanding of the wood will normally remove any superficial damage caused.

I have treated my teak furniture and it has developed black marks, why is this?

This may be due to a teak oil application, something we do not recommend. Black marks may also be caused by applying treatment when product may be slightly wet. We would suggest a light sanding of the furniture which will enable you to treat with our Bramblecrest water-based teak products, available from our online shop.

Can I jet spray my Bramblecrest teak furniture?

No. We would not recommend jet spraying your teak furniture as this can damage the wood.

How do I clean spillages on my Bramblecrest teak furniture?

Simply use warm soapy water and a soft scrubbing brush on the affected area. If the wood has stained, use a fine grade sand paper and reapply treatment if required.

Should I use coasters on my teak furniture?

Yes. We advise its best the use of coasters on all teak table tops.

What is the guarantee on Bramblecrest teak furniture?

Bramblecrest offers a 1 year structural manufacturers’ guarantee on all teak furniture subject to terms and conditions. Customers must register their purchase online within 28 days of delivery to validate this guarantee here.


Is there a maximum weight limit for a cocoon?

The following is a guideline only: Single cocoon – 100kg Double cocoon – 175kg Triple cocoon – 200kg

Should I use a cover with my cocoon?

Yes, we advise the use of a furniture cover when the product is not in use.

What are cocoon poles made from?

The steel poles are powder coated to enhance protection against exposure to the elements. There is a risk that some rusting may occur over time, in particular when paintwork surfaces become scratched. Caution is therefore advised when cocoons are moved and we recommend they are lifted rather than dragged.

Where can I buy replacement base feet for, my cocoon?

Replacement feet are available to purchase from our online shop.

Where can I buy touch-up paint for my Cocoon and how do I apply it?

You can buy touch-up paint from our online shop

To apply paint, wash area with warm soapy water prior to application and then dry. Apply the touch-up paint to the affected area. Allow the paint to dry and then repeat the process several times until the areas of concern are completely obscured. Then allow several months for the touched-up areas to dull down until they become a closer colour match to the existing paint.

Can I adjust the height of my Cocoon?

Yes, you can adjust the height of the cocoon by connecting different links from the hanging chain to the hooks (which connect to the pole).

Firepit Tables

How do I replace the battery on my Bramblecrest firepit table?

Please watch this video to show you how to do this. Please note that if the ignition button is black, you will need to use a AAA battery.

How do I assemble my Bramblecrest firepit table?

You will find instructions in the box attached to the red string. Please read and follow instructions for use carefully.

Will my firepit keep me warm?

Yes. Firepits are designed to provide warmth and ambience.

Cooking on firepit table

Yes, a cast iron griddle is available for both square and rectangle firepits and will fit within the glass safety surround. These are available to purchase from our online shop.

Where is the gas bottle stored?

When in use, the gas bottle is stored within the base of the dining table. When it is not in use, it must be disconnected and stored outdoors in a well ventilated area. 

How do I clean and maintain my firepit?

Ensure the firepit and its components are sufficiently cool before cleaning. Periodically remove the lava rocks and examine the burner and its components for faults. Clean portholes in the burner, making sure there are no obstructions. Check the gas bottle and connecting hose are not cracked or damaged in any way. To clean the glass safety shield or ceramic table, we recommend the use of any proprietary glass or window cleaner.

During inclement weather conditions, we recommend that you remove the lava rocks from the firepit to keep them dry, place the ceramic tile insert over the burner tray and use an appropriate protective cover.

Should I cover my Bramblecrest firepit table?

During long periods of non-use, we recommend that you cover your furniture to protect it from atmospheric dirt and debris. Always make sure the gas is disconnected and the unit is cool. 

Are firepit tables supplied with a gas bottle?

No, you will need to purchase your own gas bottles.

What gas is compatible with a firepit table?

We would advise getting a Propane 5kg Patio Gas bottle.

My firepit is not working. What do I do?

Firstly, make sure that all wires are connected correctly, as per the instructions provided and check there is a battery in the ignition button. If you have followed the above and your fire pit is still not working, please contact your original point of sale. If purchased from Bramblecrest direct, please contact our customer service team on


Is it possible to buy parasols separately?

Yes, Bramblecrest parasols can be bought separately at your nearest Bramblecrest retailer or from our online shop.

What can I do if my cantilever parasol pedal has seized/stopped rotating?

We suggest the application of some lubricating spray, for example WD40, to the bearings underneath the plastic cover on the cross-brace. Then gently ease the tracks from their fixed position. 

Do you supply covers for your parasols?

Yes, our parasols can be bought separately at your nearest Bramblecrest retailer or from our online shop.

Does over winding a parasol cause damage?

Yes - do not over wind parasols. If over wound the mechanism within the parasol will stop working and the parasol will be unable to be wound up or down.

What is the guarantee on Bramblecrest Parasols?

Bramblecrest offers a 1 year structural manufacturers’ guarantee on all parasols subject to terms and conditions. Customers must register their purchase online within 28 days of delivery to validate this guarantee here.

Can I use my parasol without a base?

If using a parasol with your furniture, you must always ensure you use a suitable Bramblecrest parasol base.

Can I leave my parasol up all the time?

When a parasol is not in use, unattended or when it is windy the parasol should be wound down. Failure to do so can lead to damage to your furniture and the parasol. Please also be aware that a parasol is only suitable as a sunshade and not an umbrella.

Is the parasol fabric waterproof?

All Bramblecrest parasol canopies are water resistant.

Do you supply replacement parasol canopies for your parasols?

We supply replacement canopies for most of our parasols, which can be purchased here. Please note that the design of our cantilever parasols has changed since 2020 and we cannot supply a replacement canopy prior to this date.

Do you sell replacement poles for your parasols?

Yes, we supply replacement poles for some of our parasols. Please see our online shop or, if you are not sure what type of parasol you have, contact us through the Live Chat function in the bottom right side of the webpage.

Is it normal for the parasol fabric to fade?

The chemicals that make up the colours within the polyester fabric are broken down by ultraviolet light that is present in the sunshine. This is a natural process.

Why am I unable to fit the pole of my Bramblecrest parasol into my Bramblecrest parasol base?

Please ensure plastic inserts are removed from the parasol base tube until the right fit is made. Also ensure both screws on the side of the base tube has been loosened. All Bramblecrest bases are compatible with our parasols.

How do I clean my parasol canopy?

To clean your parasol canopy, use warm soapy water and a clean cloth. Although the canopy is removable it is advised not to machine wash.

How do I know if the parasol pole will fit my existing table?

Bramblecrest parasol poles are between 38mm & 48mm in diameter. All specifications for individual parasols can be found online.

Can I use my parasol as a stand-alone item?

Yes, if a sufficient base weight is used. The minimum weight we would advise is 25kg and not left open in windy or gusty conditions.

What is the UV factor on your parasols?

All of our parasols have a UV factor of 50 (excludes Gloucester and wooden centre-post parasols).

Can I buy replacement parts for my parasol?

Yes, for parts which are not integral to the structure of the parasol, spares are available to purchase from our online shop.

Furniture Covers

Should I cover my Bramblecrest rattan furniture?

To protect the woven furniture from general garden and atmospheric dirt, a furniture cover is recommended. To prevent mould build-up, it is advisable to remove furniture covers at regular intervals to allow any condensation to evaporate.

It is also recommended to remove all cushions, as per the care and maintenance guide, before covering your furniture.

How do I clean my Bramblecrest furniture covers?

To remove surface dirt from the cover, warm water and a soft scrubbing brush should be sufficient. Do not machine wash.

Where can I get covers for my Bramblecrest furniture?

Many of our retailers sell our furniture covers. We also sell them via our online shop

How do the straps and fixtures secure the cover onto my furniture?

Please refer to the diagram on either your original packaging or the original cover listing on our website.

Which cover do I need for my furniture set?

We would recommend either contacting the original stockist from who you purchased, or to find the original listing of your furniture set on our website and the recommended cover will be listed there. If you have any queries, please contact

Do you sell furniture covers for stools?

As the stools are relatively small, they can be completely stored away or placed underneath the sofa cover. However, please be careful of the legs sticking out and catching on the cover.

What can I do to prevent condensation under my furniture cover?

Often mistaken for leakages, temperature changes and high level of humidity in the air will cause condensation to form. To reduce the amount of condensation:

  • Ensure your furniture is dry before covering it.
  • Encourage air flow under the cover. Bramblecrest covers have mesh air-vent that promote airflow, but still prevent water from rainfall from entering the cover.
  • Use correct sized cover for the set, covers that are too loose can trap small pockets of moisture-laden air.
  • Remove the cushions from the furniture before covering it.

Please note, that no covers on the market can totally protect against moisture/condensation forming underneath the covers.


How do I clean my Bramblecrest Cushions?

Remove spillages immediately using an absorbent sponge or cloth. For stubborn stains – hand wash at 30 degrees using a household stain remover. Do not machine wash season proof cushions or cushion covers, as this may cause damage to the water-resistant lining.

Watch this video for further information on cleaning your cushions.

Can I leave my cushions out all the time?

All Bramblecrest cushions are season-proof and are lined with a plastic membrane designed to prevent water ingress. They can remain outside during light showers and need to be stored during prolonged periods of non-use.

What happens if my cushions get wet?

A thin layer of outer fabric can retain water but will usually dry after a period of 24-48 hours of ensuing warmer, dry conditions. In the unlikely event the inner filling becomes wet please remove the outer cover and allow to dry for 48 hours before replacing.

Can I machine wash my cushions?

No, because of the season proof lining you cannot machine wash. We recommend using warm soapy water and a soft brush to clean. For stubborn stains we would suggest soaking the cushion covers in warm water.

My cushions have started to fade is this normal?

Our cushion cover fabric contains UV stabilizers. However, over long periods of time, the chemicals within the material fabric are broken down by ultraviolet light that is present in the sunshine which can result in fading. To minimalize this occurrence, we advise covering your furniture when not in use.

Are Bramblecrest cushions flame retardant?

All Bramblecrest cushions are flame retardant. We are members of LOFA (Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association) and all our products are compliant with LOFAssured. This means that our cushions comply with Trading Standard’s and FIRA’s (Furniture Industry Research Association) fire safety regulations.

Where should I store my cushions over the winter?

We recommend storing cushions in a dry environment.

Can I purchase replacement cushions?

Please send an image of your furniture set with your name, address and contact details to

Will the cushions from my set fit in a standard or large cushion box?

We recommend our standard sized cushion box for storing the cushions from our dining sets.

We recommend our large sized cushion box for storing the cushions from our modular sofa sets.

Note, curved corner modular sofas, which are made up of 3 sofa sections, can be placed in our standard sized cushion box.

Can I leave my cushions inside a cushion box outside over the Winter?

We advise storing cushions inside over the winter months.

Can I leave my cushions inside a cushion bag over the Winter?

Cushions can be kept in a Bramblecrest cushion bag, but we advise storing within a dry environment and off the floor to prevent rodent damage.


What are Bramblecrest rugs made from?

Bramblecrest rugs are hand woven using 100% recycled plastic bottles (Polyethylene Terethphalate/PET).

Can I use my Bramblecrest rug outdoors?

Yes. The rugs are weather resistant and can be used outdoors and indoors.

How do I clean my rug?

For light soiling, a solution of 10% mild detergent-free household soap diluted with warm water can be applied with a soft sponge or brush. Rinse with clean water and air dry. For moderate to heavy soiling, we suggest the rugs are hand-washed in a sink of cool water. If a proprietary stain remover is used, please carefully the manufacturer’s instructions.

How do I store my rug when not in use?

To protect and maintain the rug, store indoors during prolonged periods of inclement weather or non-use.

Are Bramblecrest rugs ethically sourced?

Yes. The rugs are ethically sourced and certified by GoodWeave.