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How To Style A Mother's Day Table

Mother’s Day means different things to different people. One day a year when we can pause and reflect on the special people who mean so much to us. If you’re thinking about treating them to a special brunch, lunch or you’re taking some time to remember someone very special, we’ve laid out all the things you need to create a Mother’s Day table to help celebrate them in style.


Large tablescapes can be stunning with everything laid out, ready and waiting. If your garden or conservatory allows, a dining table with plenty of seating to gather everyone together, creates an immediate focal point for a large family lunch. But a small bistro, tucked away in a quiet corner of the garden, can be just as special with a few thoughtful details.


To begin creating a Mother’s Day table, a good place to start is the overall style you want to achieve. A theme if you will. Perhaps you’re taking inspiration from relaxed, rambling meadows with wildflowers, flowing shapes and natural materials. Or maybe your vision is somewhat bolder and brighter, with clashing colours, strong prints and sharper lines. Perhaps it’s a mix of the two. Settle on a style and palette you think your mum would love, before you begin, to help focus the different elements you’ll want to include.


A traditional part of a Mother’s Day table is often pretty florals. If you want to make the most of arranging your flowers to create a simple, yet stunning display, these tips and tricks should help.

1) Pick three types of flowers heads, some simple foliage and a mixture of smaller headed flowers as fillers.
2) Cut stems on an angle and remove all foliage below water level.
3) Place heavy heads near the base of the arrangement; lighter floaty flowers can be left taller to reach up and out of the display.
4) Turn the arrangement as you go to make sure it looks balanced from each angle.
5) For a dining table, avoid making your arrangements too tall, or too cumbersome. Allow space within your arrangement to keep it light and airy rather than dense and heavy. Or try three or five smaller bottle vases, rather than one big one so your guests can easily see and talk to each other.


Make each individual place setting extra special by adding some easy yet effective design details. For example, picking napkins or a table runner to complement the colour palette of your flowers will bring all the elements together for a more classic, cohesive look. Mix and matching colours and prints, on the other hand, makes for a more striking, individual display. Just keep to two or three variations and repeat at intervals to ensure the finished look feels like a considered design choice. For our table we decided upon a timeless favourite. Soft pink linen to match the roses. Pink grapefruit and rosemary in water glasses. And blush, rose wine to create an overall pretty pastel look. 


Think about little extras you can add that go a long way in making a personalised tablescape. Photographs in pretty frames weaved along the table are a personal addition that are also likely to spark some special memories. For Instagram-worthy place settings, try placing a large plate on the table and fold a napkin lengthways into thirds. Lay the napkin in the centre of the plate in line with the top edge. Layer with a smaller side plate, placed at the bottom edge of the larger one, then fold the napkin back over the top. For extra style points, finish with a little sprig of foliage and smaller-headed flowers, fixed with ribbon or twine, to tie the place setting back to the floral display.

We hope you enjoy a lovely Mother’s Day and would love to see your tabletop set ups on Instagram, simply share using #bramblecrest