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Garden furniture for smaller spaces

Whether you have a small balcony, courtyard or lawn, finding the perfect garden furniture for your space needs careful consideration.

Here’s some simple tips to help.

  • First work out where the sun falls at the times you are most likely to be sitting out and measure the space exactly. Only then think about garden furniture and how you will use it.
  • If your seating area doesn’t get the evening sun think about buying a table with a built-in firepit to keep guests warm.
  • If there is a suitable wall, it often makes the best use of space to put modular seating against it with a table in front.
  • Choose furniture that fits the space comfortably and make sure you leave enough space around the back of any chairs or sofas which you need to navigate, or the space will feel cluttered.
  • An easily adjustable parasol can be a useful way to create privacy, which is often an issue in urban gardens. Our Truro Parasol comes with built-in LED lights to add a little extra sparkle to your evenings. Small seating areas often have planting nearby so avoid furniture which may easily get stained by falling leaves or berries.
  • Aluminium is very easy to clean and easy to move. Synthetic woven furniture is also lightweight, easy to maintain and looks great. Bramblecrest’s newly developed season-proof fabric which is stain, mould and rain resistant, means that even upholstered chairs are now a sensible option.
  • Choose garden furniture which is as flexible as possible – for example, choose a dining table which can instantly be lowered and turned into a coffee table (and vice versa). Our Modular Sofa Sets feature a height adjustable table which can be lowered to become a coffee table or made higher for a dining table.
  • If you don’t have anywhere to store garden furniture over Winter then you will need covers which you can stow away – either in a storage box or inside a storage sofa.
  • Neutral colours are usually the best option for garden furniture in smaller spaces and while there is a general move to darker hues, scatter cushions, throws and rugs are still the best way to introduce more colourful accents which will complement nearby architecture, paving and planting.