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Enjoy your garden’s bird life

Having the perfect place to watch the birds in your garden can provide hours of enjoyment all year round. Bramblecrest’s ranges of all-weather furniture with season-proof cushions are as stylish as they are comfortable – adding to the pleasure of seeing rare visitors as well as more familiar feathered friends.

Bramblecrest’s tips on enjoying the birds in your garden

Attract a wide range of birds

Make your garden attractive to as wide a range of birds as possible with a variety of foods, on a bird table, on the ground and in the rest of your garden. Great spotted woodpeckers and nuthatches find peanuts irresistible, goldfinches love niger seeds, insect-based mixes will attract birds, such as robins and tits, while sunflower hearts are usually spotted pretty quickly by an array of finches. Planting trees and shrubs which produce either berries or seeds in your garden, is also a good way to attract birds: check out the Royal Horticultural Society’s list.

Place your bird table just far enough away

A bird table needs to be somewhere sheltered but not in the shade – or you won’t be able to see them. Most designs deter hungry squirrels but not all have a place for water and, if they don’t, think about a putting a bird bath somewhere nearby. Birds will only feel safe if you are sitting about 4m away and it will help if there is a bushy, preferably evergreen, tree or large shrub relatively close to provide refuge from any interested cats or predatory larger birds.

Get comfortable

Comfort and patience are key to birdwatching and Bramblecrest offers a huge range of stylish and durable seating options. All Bramblecrest chairs are designed with comfort in mind but the most devoted bird watchers might want to consider buying a Monterey Lounger which makes it blissfully easy to stay still for hours or a Monte Carlo Recliner set. Accessorise with some stylish season-proof scatter cushions and warm blankets and you’ll be set up for watching birds all year round.

Involve your children

Birdwatching is a great way to get your children outside and by starting them off young they will hopefully be interested in birds for the rest of their lives. Lend them your binoculars and encourage them to keep a list of all the birds they see and draw you some of their favourites.