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Create a Garden Book Nook | World Book Day

World Book Day on 2nd March provides the perfect excuse to sit and do little but enjoy some time with your favourite literature. Whether it's reading alone, with children or with grandchildren, there’s nothing quite like relishing a quiet moment, lost in another world. And with spring on its way, we are creating an outdoor book nook so we can combine reading with our other favourite thing, being in the garden, all season long.

1. Secluded Spot

When picking your perfect book nook spot, a little peace and quiet is likely to improve your reading enjoyment. Try finding a quiet area, where noise is diminished by hedges or trees, and you can spend some time uninterrupted by the world around you.

2. Pull up a Pew

An absolute must for a book nook, is a cosy sitting spot. Whether you choose a soft blanket, draped on a bench, a cocoon to hide away in, or a sofa set for sharing story time, you’ll need some supportive seating to help you relax.

3. Complete Comfort

Surround your space with cushions for propping yourself up, a few throws for a touch of warmth or take it next level with a fire pit to keep the chill away. If you’re really wanting to indulge, a scented candle will add some extra ambience and fragrance the air.

4. Stock up on Snacks

Load a tray with your favourite drinks and sweet treats to avoid having to make trips back to the kitchen for refills. This recipe for triple hot chocolate is a must-try, especially if there’s a slight nip in the air. For a vegan alternative, try this equally delicious non-dairy recipe.

5. Bring the Books

Whether it’s a firm favourite, or some new novels you’ve been looking forward to, why not take a whole stack to get stuck into. If you’re in need of a good recommendation, The Books You Need to Read in 2023 list, published by Waterstones, is sure to have something for every taste.